Lobe’ Dangle

Haute Couture Leather Accessories
by Designer Qwishuna Smith

Leather in itself denotes versatility, durability, and originality, as no two hides are alike. Symbolically, it personifies human resilience, as many of us know what it’s like to rebound from hard places.

XL Sheer Tacos

XL Black Sheer Tacos are our classic design with a die-cut leather adorned with stainless steel earwires. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the designer Q. Smith, and a Warranty.


3.25″ (w) x 2.25″ (h)
8.255 cm (w) x 5.715 cm (h)

“Banana Clips” Leather Earrings

Lobe’ Dangle “Banana Clips” beautiful yellow leather earrings embossed with Psychedelic Python Snake leather detail. They’re not heavy but they are certainly sure to turn heads! They are adorned with a gold matte chain and gold-filled ear wires.


3.25″ (w) x 3″ (h)
8.255 cm (w) x 7.62 cm (h)